About Us

The Heritage Healthcare Clinic for Mental Health issues has been working for multiple years, under the positive guidance of our lead provider NP Julie M Valdes. Intending to provide expert and holistic mental health care, our clinic also raises awareness and reduces the taboo and stigma surrounding mental illness and allied treatments.

The Heritage Healthcare Clinic in Miami, FL, provides personalized mental healthcare services, i.e providing services to a wide range of patients from all backgrounds. These individuals include children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and the elderly, among other categories. In the US, mental health facilities include psychological therapies and counseling, especially for people facing difficulties in their daily, marital, family, or social lives. In addition to providing psycho-diagnostic examinations, we also give the necessary reports and certifications from our certified Clinical Psychologists, as part of our services.

Telemedicine is also available at the comfort of your home or anywhere internet connection is available.

Why Us?

Patients who seek treatments for multiple psychological disorders that impair their personal, social, and professional well-being come to us, for providing trustworthy and promising mental health care and clinical excellence support for ages. At Heritage Healthcare Clinic, the psychiatric team identifies mental health concerns that the client perceives as burdensome and works with them to uncover their talents and capabilities while focusing on their positive development. To empower the patients, we are currently offering digital support by teaching people appropriate coping skills and supporting them as they deal with numerous issues, ranging from depression to anxiety, to work stress to marital conflicts, to relationship issues to addiction and behavioral problems, and many other problems.

Mission & Vision

Defined as the successful performance of mental functions, Psychological well-being also accounts for productive activities, rewarding relationships with other people, and the capacity to adjust and cope with changes and obstacles. Personal well-being, familial and interpersonal relationships, and the ability to make a positive contribution to one’s community or society are all dependent on one’s mental health. We are here to serve people who want to be free from mental illnesses and thereby giving them a healthy and happy life.
Mental illnesses are medical problems characterized by changes in one’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior accompanied by distress and impairment of functioning. In some cases, mental diseases are linked to many issues, including disability, pain, and even death. We aim to help people suffering from such issues.

Why Do We Think You Need Mental Health Attention?

Mental sickness is a term that refers to all diagnosable mental problems as a whole, and it is used in this context. The burden associated with mental illness is among the greatest of any diseases in the world. Every year, around 18.1 percent of the population in the United States aged 18 or more than that suffer from some form of mental health issues, with 4.2 percent suffering from a seriously disabling mental illness.

For such reasons, our mental healthcare clinic is here to provide better access and quality of care in all aspects of mental health, in order to deal with mental illnesses.

Our Services


Medication Management


Mental health evaluation

Medications management

Prescription refills

IV therapy 

Covid 19 Rapid testing

Covid 19 vaccines.


We have special certifications in








We provide treatment for the following mental health problems include

Our Service Approach

We adhere to the Jean Watson theories which demonstrates professional caring through the following notions-

  • Only friendly relationships allow for the successful demonstration and practice of care. So we aim to create a friendly relationship with all our patients.
  • Caring entails several creative aspects that lead to the fulfillment of specific human objectives.
  • Competent caring enhances an individual’s personal or family health and development.
  • Acceptance of the patient as they are now and may become is a hallmark of caring reactions.
  • A nurturing environment fosters potential development while allowing the patient to pick the optimal course of action at any particular time.
  • The psychology of compassion complements the science of healing.
  • Nursing is determined based on the practice of caring.

Basing on these principles and theories, we treat our clients and also get claimed by them to be the best mental healthcare centre in Florida.

What Our Clients Have To Say?

As a result of positive feedback from clients and their satisfying therapeutic experiences, we have the confidence to promise our clients that they will receive the most extraordinary psychological treatments in Miami, Florida. This motivates us to continue evolving, implementing new and innovative ideas, and providing better customer and client experiences. It also wants us to strive for more incredible things and preserve our reputation as one of the best mental health care clinics in Florida.

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